Sigma lenses proudly handcrafted in Japan – Made in Aizu


Sigma lenses proudly handcrafted in Japan – Made in Aizu

Mastery is a result of rigor and discipline. We abide by that conviction with no compromise—nearly every component of every last Sigma lens is handcrafted in Japan.

Sigma’s Superlative Craftsmanship

A good artist lets raw creativity reign but a legendary artist knows that dedication and practice are cornerstones of a true masterpiece.

Nearly Every Component is Small-Batch

At Sigma Photo, problem-solving and improvements happen on micro levels. We take communication back to the basics: think face to face. Our well-established and self-sustaining framework enable feedback to be passed up and down the production chain for unparalleled adeptness and refinement.

We Take MADE IN JAPAN Seriously

Almost every last component of every Sigma lens is made in Aizu. Grinding lenses, molding plastic parts, painting, assembly, manufacturing screws and other parts, and machining molds…you name it, we painstakingly perfect it in our factory.