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Concept: Your Relationship with photography is about to be transformed

A New Perspective on Lenses – One concept, three product lines, unlimited potential

All existing interchangeable Sigma camera lenses are being reorganized into three Sigma Global Vision product lines, with every new lens developed being assigned to one of these three as well. The concept behind each product line will clearly state the approach used when designing and developing the individual lenses.

The Sigma brand is dedicated to developing camera lenses of progressively extraordinary performance and quality. The way in which these lenses are categorized and organized into product lines provides additional information by describing the lenses from a different, purpose-specific perspective. These three concepts can serve as a useful guide to photographers, giving them insight into the type of image creation each lens was optimized for.

Conceptualized to help put photographers in touch with the lenses that can help close the gap between what they are currently achieving and the vision they are aspiring to. Simply select the product line that most resonates with your photographic style when shopping for a new Sigma lens.

This concept, i.e. purpose-specific product lines, will forever change your relationship with photography by ensuring that you and your lens share the same creative vision.

One concept, three product lines, unlimited potential


Sigma Contemporary

Incorporating the very best latest technology has to offer for superior optical performance while maintaining a svelte and compact form, the Contemporary line offers high-performance and lightweight versatility.

Sigma Art Range

Featuring chic optical performance and a copious amount of expressive power, the Art line offers creative freedom and allows even the loftiest of visions to be realized by the artist.

Sigma Sports Range

Designed for state-of-the-art optical performance and eloquence, the agile lenses of the Sports line offers impressive action-capture capabilities even at a distance.


For the All-Rounder: High Performance, Versatile & Portable

Designed with the best modern technology can offer, the Contemporary line features sleek adaptable lenses able to cope well in a variety of different conditions and applications.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology, materials and methodologies used, Sigma has developed a range of lenses that are lighter and more compact without compromising on the brand’s high optical performance standards and functionality. Able to effortlessly capture landscape pictures, family photos, casual snaps and just about any other opportunity that might arise, the high-performance lenses of the Contemporary line are versatile, lightweight and compact.

Lens Categories

Standard zoom lenses, Telephoto zoom lenses and High-magnification zoom lenses



For the Creative: Premium Expressive Power & Expertly Refined Optical Performance

Featuring unbeatable expressive performance and sleek, functional design, the Art line offers all the tools and functionality needed to inspire and execute even the most avant-garde of creative endeavours.

Photographers with more artistic leanings will appreciate the incomparable expressive performance of Art line lenses. Designed for those who appreciate creative, dramatic flair and high performance more than multifunction or a diminutive form, these lenses allows for a level of creative freedom never before experienced. Find the perfect lens for portraits, architecture, underwater, landscapes, close-up or still-life within this hi-tech, highly-specialized product line.

Lens Categories

Large-aperture prime lenses, Wide-angle lenses, Ultra-wide-angle lenses, Macro lenses and Fisheye lenses



For the Olympian: Superior Optical Performance & Agility

Offering unmatched high action-capture performance, Sports line lenses are designed to ensure that photographers are able to capture every highlight of the event, even at a distance.

Offering the highest level of optical performance possible, the Sports line lenses are able to effortlessly capture fast-moving action contending with a variety of different conditions. All lenses in this product line allows for a wide range of customization. Personal preferences can be experimented with and set using the software provided. Versatile as they are sophisticated, the Sports line lenses are also ideal for nature, transport and other dynamic photographic projects where shots are taken at a distance or feature fast-moving subjects.

Lens Categories

Telephoto lenses, Telephoto zoom lenses, Super telephoto lenses and Super telephoto Zoom lenses


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