Sigma 60-600mm Sport – Guest Review by Andrew Morgan

I had the pleasure of taking the new 60-600mm on a shoot on the Caprivi strip in between Botswana and Namibia a couple of weeks ago. After loving the 150-600’s I have been very eager to try out this new super zoom that has just won best telephoto of the year at the TIPA awards, so of course, high expectations.

To be honest I also had my reservations as a 10x zoom has a lot going on inside, so I wondered whether it would have any drawbacks.

The first thing that you can’t deny is the value of having everything from a fairly standard 60mm (the human eye sees an equivalent angle of view as you would get at about 43mm on full frame, so pretty close!), all the way to a massive telephoto 600mm (about 14 times closer than we can see with the naked eye). On a trip like I did, where you’re sitting on a boat on a river, this zoom range comes in so handy, as without changing lenses and having to dig around in your bag fiddling with lens caps and exposing your camera to the elements, you can photograph small birds along the river bank and still get fairly wide landscape shots of
the beauty around you.

I’ve included pictures taken at various zoom lengths from 60mm to 600mm as well as 100% crops of those zoom lengths so you can see the quality at each zoom range. I shot all the pictures at the widest f-stop which is traditionally not the sharpest point of any lens just to show how sharp it actually is. Apart from the amazing versatility of the zoom range, the sharpness it what impressed me most about this lens. The fact that you generally wouldn’t shoot wide open means you get beautiful crisp images throughout the range.
Personally I found the lens not as fast to focus on a flying bird as the 150-600 would be at 600, but as you can see from the pictures it’s still completely acceptable and capable of getting sharp images of birds in flight.

60mm 100% crop
122mm 100% crop
210mm 100% crop
300mm 100% crop
420mm 100% crop
420mm 100% crop
600mm 100% crop

The build quality of the lens is phenomenal and feels great to hold. I shot free hand the whole time and felt the lens to be very comfortable and easy to handle. The ability to lock the zoom at various lengths is handy if you want to lock the lens at 600mm for example without having to zoom in and out. Although I’d need to have the lens for a lot longer to know how the weather sealing holds up, it appears to be very good and well sealed which is always positive when spending money on an outdoor lens that could be exposed to some water droplets, dust or even mild rain.

Overall, it far surpasses it’s predecessor the 50-500 which you would assume it would given the time and improvements in technology and as voted by TIPA, it’s a phenomenal lens able to cover a huge zoom range. You can’t beat the versatility and to get sharp images throughout the zoom range makes it a solid option for anyone looking for a lens to keep on the camera through a safari.