Sigma 105mm Lens Transforms Photographer

Watches. Carpets. TV’s. Lenses. I’ve always loved collecting big things. There’s something wildy attractive about getting beautiful items in their oversized editions. It’s the first thing we notice about the Sigma 105mm f/1.4 Art lens which is the sheer size of it. It’s a beast.

For the photographer, it feels like pure confidence holding it. It’s big, bold and brazen. The photo hasn’t even been taken yet, and the models are feeling like this shoot is about to get real. They may even feel slightly intimidated. I love it.

We’re able to finally take a breath because this is the type of lens that affords the model and photographer space to shoot. Shooting distance for portraits in studio starts at 2 meters away. This is great especially with social distancing 😊.

Canon Streets

As a professional photographer, Image plays an important role in the experience. We not only want amazing shots, we also love to make people feel special. And there’s nothing more special than shooting someone with the bigger-than-life Sigma 105mm art lens. Watch your subjects perk up, light up and show up.

When paired with my Canon EOS R the results are vivid, crystal clear photo’s unleashing loads of detail and sharpness. Sigma have really come a long way. 15 years ago they were considered the cheaper alternative to the Canon and Nikon lens brands, sacrificing f-stops and quality for a more affordable price. Today, Sigma have surpassed the big brands with one of the best art lenses on the market.

Marc Gregory
Sigma Ambassador