Review of the Sigma 70mm F2.8 Art DG Macro by Carlos Frazao

I recently had the opportunity to do a few shoots with the Sigma 70mm F2l.8 Art DG Macro lens, and I took it through its paces with a variety of different styles and genres to see what this budget friendly macro lens can do.


Being an Art series lens the build quality is strong and does not feel cheap at all, even at this price point. Also being a nice compact size is an absolute bonus, as it became my go to lens for basically everything.


Focus speed is exactly what I expected with Macro lens, paired up a Sony A7iii it was easy and quick to use. I did find some focus hunting from time to time when moving quick from area to another, but nothing which was bothersome at all. Used this lens is beauty shoots, products and even full body portraits and it nailed focus on everything, even at low apertures of F2.8 its hit focus at all times.


This is where the lens really stands out, the amount of sharpness and clarity is on another level. Sometimes I’d look at my images and think I was using a lens that was 3 times the price. I was amazed that I was getting pin sharp images through the whole range of F2.8 to F10 that I used it. If you’re looking for high quality images then look no further than the Art 70mm DG macro


If you’re looking for a macro lens this lens is amazing, but if you’re looking for a all around lens that does everything well then definitely try this lens out, you wont be disappointed.
It combines great build quality, amazing image quality, small size factor into one package which will serve you for many years to come.

Images and text by Carlos Frazao