Review of the Sigma 65mm F2 DG DN Contemporary by Carlos Frazao

I recently had the opportunity to do a few shoots with the Sigma 65mm F2 DG DN Contemporary lens, to see what this small, but mighty lens can do.


Being a Contemporary series lens, I was amazed at the all metal design of this lens, it even has a metal lens hood and includes a magnetic metal lens cap which is something I have never seen before and works so easily. This lens is has a small size factor as well, which truly worked in my favour multiple times, takes up way less space in bag and when mounted on a small factor camera such as the sony A7c you have a small light weight run and gun setup that you can use for hours on end without getting any fatigue.


This surprised me, it was so quick when paired on my Sony A7c and when using auto eye focus I did not have any photos at all that weren’t tack sharp. There was no focus hunting of any kind and it was just nailing focus at all times


As I mentioned above, images were tack sharp. I mostly used the lens at F2 and its sharpness would rival other lenses at F5.6 to F8. Bokeh was also nice and soft and never experienced any chromatic aberration in my images. If sharp images with amazing clarity is something that you like, then this lens is an absolute winner


The 65mm F2 C lens, is an amazing all around lens that will do anything you put it through, it truly is the ultimate all in one lens which I recommend every photographer should have in their bag. For size, build quality and pin sharp images there truly is nothing else like this lens on the market.

Images and text by Carlos Frazao