Tips on low light Photography using Sigma 85mm f1.4 Art and large Apertures

Capturing images in low light and shooting wide open can be challenging, so here are some Tips & Techniques to help you overcome these obstacles.

Firstly, my Sigma 85mm Art communicates perfectly with all my camera systems and this gives me super fast AF controls, especially in low light conditions. I achieve this my manually taking control over my camera. I always shoot Spot Metering/Single Shot and deactivate all focus tracking functions, thus giving me full control on where I wish to focus.

Shooting wide open ( f1.4 – f2.8 ) and nailing the focus takes time, so my advice is, don’t just open your lens up and think that you will achieve crisp and pin sharp results! The Sigma 85mm Art is what I call a Formula One ( Petrol head in me ) and once mastered, you will never look back, however, you do need to take it slowly and follow some techniques.

The Sigma 85mm Art is a large lens that is on the heavy side, so my Tip for you is make sure that you have your camera and lens equally supported in your hands, YES, this means you may have to go back to basics on how to firmly hold your camera that gives you a stable platform. What works for me being right handed, is for my left hand to take the majority if not all of the weight and my right hand works the camera functions being, back button focus and shutter release.

Getting back to the Sigma 85mm Art’s incredible low light AF and how this lens communicates with all Camera systems. Shooting in low light, you may need to assist your Camera system and you can achieve this my bouncing light from your reflector or turning on your modeling lamp on your strobe. I must say that I very seldom need to do this with my 85mm.

Hope you enjoyed this Tips & Techniques and get out there and start clicking!

Steve Casting, Sigma Ambassador

BTS of my favourite time of the day, Golden Hour and is also showcasing the low light conditions.

Final Render shot with Sigma 85mm f1.4 Art with Exif settings 1/2500 ISO 64 f1.4