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Jessica Notelo

Jessica Notelo is a multi-award-winning Cape Town born photographer specializing in Wedding and Lifestyle photography. Raw, authentic moments is what inspires Jessica and her photography showcases just that, unaffected and true emotions.

Jessica’s style can be described as adventure documentary, giving even local shoots a unique, exotic look. Being 100% self taught, Jessica believes in continuous improvement and that there is always room to grow and change. It is with this in mind that Jessica captures what’s in front of her lens, staying organic and taking in each subject with a fresh perspective.


Fun Fact

Jessica shoots at the lowest possible F stop 99% of the time and believes in using a lens to its full potential. It’s only for group photos of more than 6 people that it’s adjusted to 2.5. Never higher. This is what gives her photos that rich and creamy bokeh that is key to her style.

Favourite lens: Sigma 35mm F1.4 Art

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