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Andrew Morgan

Andrew Morgan primarily works as wedding and hotel photographer, doing some fashion, travel and wildlife photography too.

He is a Sigma ambassador through-and-through and has used Sigma lenses for the past 10 years. His love for Sigma lenses started when he set out to upgrade his equipment and ended up with a Sony A700 equipped with Sigma 10-20mm and Sigma 70-200mm lenses. With the introduction of Sigma Art lenses, he now exclusively uses Sigma glass for all photography.

At weddings you can spot Andrew using two cameras, one equipped with a Sigma 24-35mm f2 Art and the 135mm f1.8 Art on the other. These lenses allow for great tight portraits as well as scenic shots. He also uses the 50mm f1.4 Art and 35mm f1.4 Art to capture details of his clients’ special days.

When he shoots hotels, Andrew makes use of a range of Sigma lenses including the 24-35mm f2 Art, 20mm f1.4 Art, 50mm f1.4 Art, 135mm f1.8 Art and 35mm f1.4 Art.

With some of the best lenses in the world, he says that he has no excuse not to take great photos. Andrew has been awarded with top 10 spots in various photographic competitions including Africa’s biggest wedding award – Admired in Africa, as well as the WPS and Fearless Photographers awards.

He has also been awarded multiple SLR Lounge awards, including the Apex award which is only given to the top 1% of entries. Andrew was listed in the top 30 wedding photographers in the world by wedaward.com.

But that’s only his wedding work. For his hotel work, Andrew has been featured on the cover of Hotelier magazine, in Condé Nast Traveler and on the websites of the biggest hotel groups in the world such as Four Seasons and Melia Resorts.

Andrew says that photography is his job, but more than that it is his dedication and shooting with Sigma that helps to keep that passion alive.


Placed in Admired in Africa, as well as the WPS and Fearless Photographers awards.
Published in Hotelier magazine and Condé Nast Traveller
Featured on websites for Four Seasons and Melia Resorts

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